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Author's Note: Following is a portion of the original readme file included with The Renovation. The complete file is packaged with your download.

                |        WOLF3D'S RENOVATION         |
                |         Additional Levels          |
                   (C)opyright 1994 by Brian Rowan

                     ****  IMPORTANT NOTICE  ****
 These additional levels are in no way affiliated with Apogee Software
 or ID Software. If you experience any problems while playing these
   provide you with any support for modified games. If you get any
  problems, please contact me (the author). My E-mail addresses are
                            listed below.
                     ****        ****        ****

Title                   : Wolfenstein 3-D: The Renovation
Author                  : Brian J. "B.J. Blazkowicz" Rowan
Misc. Author Info       : I am a fan of Wolfenstein, Doom, Spear of
                          Destiny, Blake Stone, Corridor 7 - you name
                          it; if it uses a 3-D action game engine, I
                          completely approve.

Commitment to Quality   : That probably sounds like a scam these days,
                          but it's true: I wanted to make these Wolf3D
                          levels so impressive that you would want to
                          keep playing them, or just remember that one
                          room and that feeling of "being there" that
                          it gave you, as did id Software's original
                          levels (well, they did for me).
                          Some levels I've seen are just a collection
                          of floors hurriedly whipped together by
                          just another guy. The Renovation took time,
                          effort, and a lot of debugging and reworking
                          to perfect. Approximately 6 months of work
                          went into this project. This is realism at
                          its best, people! If you can't take it, tuck
                          your tail between your legs and run, but
                          otherwise, stay for the fight - you've got
                          60 big ones comin'!

Overall Description     : THE RENOVATION is broken into 6 10-level
                          episodes, as with every version of Wolf-3D.
                          Each episode's theme will be described
                          below, under the appropriate section.

Levels Changed          : 60
Graphics Changed        : None
Sounds Changed          : None

Will operate on         : * Wolf3-D version 1.4
                          * Wolf3-D version 1.2 (as far as I know)
Relative Timeframe      : These episodes take place INSTEAD of the
                          original ones. They are not sequels or
                          prequels. That way you can still kill off
                          all the same bosses and have it make sense.

Additional Credits to   : * Bill Kirby, David Huntoon, Bryan Baker,
                             and Matt Gruson for their level editor(s)
                          * Carlton Griffin, the guy behind WOLFMASTER
                          * Apogee and id Software for THIS GREAT

Playability             : I DO guarantee the following:
                           * Each of these levels CAN be finished on
                             the highest difficulty setting using no
                             cheat codes.
                           * On all of the levels where it is
                             intended, 100% ratios in all categories
                             are achievable.
                          I do NOT guarantee the following:
                           * Any one of these levels can be finished
                             without saving the game (except E4L7!).
                           * Any one of these levels can be finished
                             within that level's default par time
                             (except E5L8, where your par time is 4:00
                             exactly! If you know what to look for
                             you can beat it!)


Base                    : Totally new levels (what did you expect?)
Software used           : * MapEdit (originally Copyrighted in 1992 by
                             Bill Kirby), versions 7.0 through 8.0
                          * SodEdit 1.1 (then saved as single floor)
                             Yes, this program existed! Why does no one
                             seem to know about it?
                          * Playtested (to ensure you can beat it without
                             cheating) on Wolf-3D v1.4

Known Bugs              : Every once in a while some of the patrolling
                          guards will do one of the following:
                          * Get "stuck" somewhere
                          * Move along the desired path, but will not
                            be animated (this bug is in the game, not
                            in my levels).

Ratios Achievable       : On the following levels, you will not be
                          able to achieve full ratios in:

                   KILL : E4L1 (via a two-way pushwall)

                 SECRET : E3L7
                          E5L1 (unless you're the king of patience and
                                you loved the original E2L8 thing)

               TREASURE : E3L7
                          E4L1 (a two-way pushwall)
                          E5L1 (you'll see what I mean when you get

                          Remember that your ratios are not displayed
                          or recorded on boss or secret levels. Also
                          take note that if you cannot achieve full
                          ratios on a level not mentioned in the above
                          list, you are either just not good enough,
                          or it is a BUG (horrors!). If all else
                          fails, just send me an E-mail message with
                          the episode and level # you're stuck on and
                          I'll look it up and/or play it again myself
                          to try to confirm or deny the problem.


* Play Information *

Level #'s               : 1 - 10
                            BOSS   = Level 9
                            SECRET = Level 10
Difficulty Settings     : Yes

Title                   : Escape from Wolfenstein (Unchanged)

Description             : The first episode is simply a re-make of the
                          original. The theme is the same: Escape from
                          the Nazi prison. Don't worry - the other
                          episodes have different themes. Once again
                          you get to dash out of the castle, make a
                          tremendous leap while yelling wildly, and
                          claim victory rightfully yours!

* Play Information *

Level #'s               : 11 - 20
                            BOSS   = Level 19
                            SECRET = Level 20
Difficulty Settings     : Yes

Title                   : The Annihilation Factor

Description             : Your mission here is to infiltrate a new
                          Nazi mutation hospital from the sewers
                          beneath it and take out the mastermind
                          behind the new legions of undead killing
                          machines: Dr. Shabbs.

* Play Information *

Level #'s               : 21 - 30
                            BOSS   = Level 29
                            SECRET = Level 30
Difficulty Settings     : Yes

Title                   : Operation: Depredation

Description             : Now it is time for you to kill the ultimate
                          Fuhrer: Adolf Hitler! I've put my biggest,
                          hardest levels here. On floor 7 is, once
                          again, the hardest-to-find secret elevator
                          in The Renovation (horrors!). I call this
                          level "Maximum Overload, as it uses near to
                          the maximum # of static objects & guards allowed.

* Play Information *

Level #'s               : 31 - 40
                            BOSS   = Level 40  (This method was also
                            SECRET = Level 39  used by Keith Heitmann)

Difficulty Settings     : Yes

Title                   : The War Rages On

Description             : This episode depicts Capt. Blazkowicz's
                          actions in the depths of Castle Verwechslung
                          (look it up!) on his fourth dangerous
                          mission: Blaze your way through the Nazi
                          castle where all of the young, unintelligent
                          (Hitler's way) officers spend their time
                          preparing for battle. Lotza officers here -
                          but then you get to meet the ultimate - and
                          fattest - officer of them all, Otto
                          Giftmacher. Otto has a private office on the
                          10th floor - that's where you'll have to go
                          to find him!

EPISODE FIVE (the big MAZE episode!):
* Play Information *

Level #'s               : 41 - 50
                            BOSS   = Level 49
                            SECRET = Level 50

Difficulty Settings     : Yes

Title                   : Speak Softly and Carry a Luger

Description             : Here we find faithful B.J. wreaking havoc in
                          a former Nazi insane asylum. Not long ago
                          the inmates escaped and murdered all the
                          Nazi guards. Since then, the dilapidated old
                          asylum has been turned into a secret weapon
                          storage warehouse. However, intelligence
                          reports indicate some of the crazy lunatics
                          still remain in parts of the castle, waiting
                          for some more juicy meat...

* Play Information *

Level #'s               : 51 - 60
                            BOSS   = Level 59
                            SECRET = Level 60

Difficulty Settings     : Yes

Title                   : Success In Numbers

Description             : In this final episode in the chronicles of
                          Wolfenstein's infamous Renovation, you are
                          required to find the legendary Nazi General
                          Fettgesicht (yeah, the big meathead himself)
                          and put him permanently out of action. The
                          Allies are counting on you, B.J.!! Good



For those of you who hate scrubbing walls to find secret rooms and
also hate being forced to navigate tremendous mazes, I have bad news
for you. That's the way I was "brought up", so to speak - way back
when, before I even knew of Compuserve (oh, God! Stone Age!), I
painstakingly broke my back to find every crummy little secret door in
the 6-episode Wolfenstein game. I was scrubbing walls for hours, but I
enjoyed it. Each new secret door that opened gave my adrenaline level
a jump - "What could be in there? A secret elevator? Who knows where
I'll be led by this next corridor?" were common, sudden thoughts as I
saw the door slide back. I hope you get the same kick out of my
levels. Just try to think as you play them: This IS Wolfenstein. There
is no MORE Wolfenstein. There is NO level editor, and I want to crack
EVERY secret in this game so I can brag to all my friends... you get
the picture.

Now, about the mazes: They're not that bad! Really! I beat one of the
worst ones in LESS than that level's default par time! Seriously!
Almost three MINUTES less! Here's how: The correct path(s) in each of
my mazes is always marked, be it by a different wall pattern or a
static object, like a pool of blood or a ceiling lamp. Just look for
common objects and follow them - you'll be led right to the key, or
the elevator, or whatever. Watch out, though, because some times I
tag the WRONG path - take it and you've screwed up the rest of the
maze PERMANENTLY! Fortunately for you, only one of my levels is
like this (oh, what the hey, I'll tell you: E6L3). Take note, though,
that I don't mark the path to the nonessentials, like treasure and the 
#1-favorite chaingun - you have to find that yourself! After all, that's
the price you pay if you weren't a good boy and didn't save your game
before you got here...


* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors may NOT use any of these levels as a base to build additional
levels. After all, this isn't a competition. Your primary function in
my objective is to obtain, play, and enjoy the levels I make.
Therefore, I would be grateful if you didn't hack them to pieces and
dump them on a network with your name on them. Just play or you'll
pay, Jackson!


* A Final Word *

To finish this oversized document off, I'd like to say the following:
Enjoy playing The Renovation! That's all I ask (besides what I already
asked in the above paragraph). Watch for some more new Wolfenstein /
Spear / Blake Stone levels and missions I've got in the works even as
you read this - I'm trying to create 89 levels for Blake Stone. Quite a
job, but somebody has to do it...

Brian J. "B.J. Blazkowicz" Rowan