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Author's Note: Following is a portion of the original readme file included with Desperate Measures. The complete file is packaged with your download.

The Story

Episode One: The Stronghold

While the commanders of the Schutzstaffel gather for strategic briefings at the SS-Hauptamt, B.J. Blazkowicz is sent to infiltrate a key Nazi stronghold on Allied suspicion of biological weapons being stored there. With much of the stronghold’s SS presence diverted, a small window of opportunity exists for Blazkowicz to penetrate an otherwise impenetrable fortress.

If the Nazis have indeed developed the kind of bio-weapons the Allies have heard rumors about, it could spell disaster for the war effort. Blazkowicz’s mission is to confirm or deny the presence of these weapons, and if they exist, destroy them.

New Allied intelligence suggests that Obersturmbannführer Hans Grosse, normally in command of nearby Castle Wolfenstein, has been reassigned. It is possible that he now oversees the stronghold that is Blazkowicz’s next target. Utmost caution should be exercised, as Hans’ monstrous history of war crimes speaks for itself.

Episode Two: Giftkrieg

Hans Grosse is dead, but the deadly biological agent the Allies sought has already been taken elsewhere. According to manifests, they are now in the heavily-guarded fortress at Erlangen, where mass-scale production of deadly toxic weapons is imminent. Even worse, Captain Blazkowicz has discovered evidence of an imminent biowar attack against the West.

Blazkowicz must now journey to Erlangen, find the weapons, and destroy them before the attack can be launched.

Allied intelligence indicates that General Otto Giftmacher is in command of this operation, and it is likely that Blazkowicz will have to confront him there. Erlangen is normally under the command of giantess guard Gretel Grosse - sister of the late Hans Grosse - so the threat may be that much more grave.

Episode Three: Ein Grosses Problem

The Nazis’ biowar plans have been permanently shelved, thanks to the heroic actions of Captain Blazkowicz, who single-handedly destroyed their toxin stockpiles and assassinated General Otto Giftmacher. Unfortunately, all contact with Blazkowicz was lost shortly after his final mission report. We have reason to believe that he may have been taken prisoner at Erlangen by Gretel Grosse. A rescue operation has been deemed unfeasible.

As a prisoner in the darkest dungeons below the fortress, alone and forgotten, you await at the hands of Gretel herself a vengeful death that will surely be as torturous as any she can provide. However, the careless inattentions of your prison guard have provided you with an opportunity - an opportunity that you have not failed to sieze.

Tackling the guard from behind and choking him to death, you grab his sidearm and make a run for it. There are untold levels of heavily- guarded fortress above you, but at ground level lies freedom, and it is freedom that you seek. There’s just one very big problem: You’ll have to deal with Gretel Grosse before you reach it.

Episode Four: First, Do No Harm

After spending three weeks of inaction recuperating from his ordeal at Erlangen, B.J. Blazkowicz is sent back behind enemy lines to investigate reports of strange activity at Castle Hollenhammer, deep in the German mountains. This wintery retreat, once considered abandoned by Allied intelligence, shows new signs of life - life of a dangerous sort.

There have been rumblings about crazed, gray-skinned soldiers running amok near the castle, and even civilian casualties at their hands. The Nazis’ most preeminant mad scientist, Doctor Schabbs, has also been seen in the area. Something sinister is going on at Hollenhammer, and if the wild speculation about “undead soldiers” and “reanimated corpses” is true, it could present a signifiant threat to Allied Forces.

Blazkowicz’s mission is to infiltrate Castle Hollenhammer and put a stop to whatever mad experimentation is being done. If Doctor Schabbs is behind these experiments, he is to be terminated with extreme prejudice.

Episode Five: Mutant Mastermind

Schabbs is dead, but his mad, mutated experiments are already on the march. A platoon of undead soldiers is being readied at Offenbach, commanded by the renowned Nazi General Fettgesicht. With these ruthless killing machines poised to attack, Allied Command has sent Captain Blazkowicz to Offenbach to destroy the regiment - and General Fettgesicht - using any means possible.

Because of the covert nature of Blazkowicz’s air drop behind enemy lines, he will only be armed with a pistol and a single magazine of ammunition. While this is hardly sufficient armament against Fettgesicht’s entire platoon of undead, it is our hope that Blazkowicz will be able to secure enough enemy weaponry to carry out his mission. A full frontal assault on Offenbach is out of the question, as it is too heavily guarded. Blazkowicz is the West’s only chance. Complete and total destruction of Fettgesicht and his army is imperative!

Episode Six: The Führerbunker

The mutant army has been laid waste, and the chambers of Hell now echo with the screams of their leader, Fettgesicht. But the threat is not yet contained. Captain Blazkowicz has discovered that, unbeknownst to us, a second platoon of mutant soldiers was created and dispatched to the Reichstag. There, the Führer himself, driven mad by the foiling of his Giftkrieg offense, is using them as his own personal guard!

With Blazkowicz still in the field, we’ve diverted him from Offenbach to the Reichstag itself. His orders are to terminate the last vestiges of Schabbs’ monstrous and inhuman soldiers, and in doing so, to eliminate the Führer himself. Adolf Hitler has been the target of many Allied assassination attempts in recent months, none successful. It is believed that this is our best chance at removing Hitler from power and bringing an end to the Second World War. But the margin for error is nonexistent.

The fate of millions depend on your actions, Captain Blazkowicz. Good luck, and godspeed.

Game Features


B.J. Rowan
Concept and level design

Chris Chokan
Pushwall source code fix

Anthony Pruchnik
Beta testing