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Author's Note: Following is a portion of the original readme file included with Conflict In The Fatherland. The complete file is packaged with your download.

Welcome to 60 New Levels of Absolute Carnage!

Welcome to The Renovation II: Conflict in the Fatherland, the sequel to the reknowned 60-level conversion entitled The Renovation, released by Apogee Software in the “Wolfenstein Super Upgrade” pack. Each and every level in Conflict in the Fatherland is hand-crafted by expert level designer Brian “B.J. Blazkowicz” Rowan, a total Wolfenstein addict for over 4 years now. More attention is paid to graphic appearance and playability than ever before…these levels are right on par with id Software’s original levels. As the designer, I made sure that all the levels offered a good combination of hard-core, Nazi-blasting action, and suspenseful atmosphere induced by multiple secret rooms and realistic environments. And it’s all backed by an involving storyline.

System Requirements

You will need a 6-episode registered version of Wolfenstein for these levels to work. You can use either v1.4 or v1.2 (also called v1.11). To find out if you have a qualified version, check to make sure your WOLF3D.EXE file date is 6/22/92 or later. The altered graphics file (VSWAP.WL6) works with both versions. Finally, either the commercial (GT Software, Activision) or Apogee version of the game can be used.

Installation and Game Swapping

Since Conflict in the Fatherland was created before EXE modifications were a viable option, some file swapping needs to take place in order for the new levels to be playable. This is done automatically by the included batch program, GAME.BAT. Just unzip the levels pack you downloaded into your Wolfenstein directory, then run GAME.BAT. You will be given three options: Ready your original Wolf3D levels for play, ready the Conflict in the Fatherland levels, or abort. When you select Conflict in the Fatherland (by pressing B), the batch will automatically back up your original Wolf3D levels and graphics. They will be renamed with the .BJ0 extension, and the new files (*.BJ2) will be renamed with the .WL6 extension. The reverse happens when you choose to switch back to your old game files. Of course, you can do all this manually if you prefer!

Why “BJ2” you ask? My, you are a curious one. Well, Conflict in the Fatherland is the second set of 60 levels I have distributed. When I distributed the first 60, I called the zipfile BJW60II.ZIP. That mapset was known internally as “the first B.J. set”. Conflict in the Fatherland, therefore, is “the second B.J. set”, or BJ2. And yes, BJ3 is in the works…46 new levels with a brand new EXE, and standalone installation (no file renaming required whatsoever). While many improvements are being made to the EXE, the fundamentals of the game are still firmly in place, and you’ll have no trouble recognizing anything when you play my next level set, due out before the end of the year. It takes a long time to design quality levels (Conflict in the Fatherland took almost 2 years off-and-on), but the end result is a truly beautiful product, with immersive and exciting levels. I hope you’ll agree that Conflict in the Fatherland’s levels are examples of the cream of the Wolfenstein crop! But don’t let me try to tell you. Fire up the game and go see for yourself! (And don’t cheat! You’re just ruining it for yourself if you do.)

WOLFENSTEIN 3-D: Conflict In The Fatherland

EPISODE ONE: Operation Schutzstaffel!

The Story So Far…
You’re William J. “B.J.” Blazkowicz, the Allies’ bad boy of espionage and a terminal action seeker.

Allied intelligence reports that a run-down WWI German castle has taken on a new use. It’s now being converted into a training center for the black-shirted Schutzstaffel, also known as SS — the ruthless “police force” of Nazi-controlled countries. Knowing the location of such a training center gives the Allies a tremendous chance to gain some ground in the war, and they’re not taking any risks that might lose them that chance — so they’re sending you to infiltrate the fortess and liqudate the trainees and any other Nazis you encounter.

The castle is bound to hold many secret passages and caches of ill-begotten treasure, not to mention a good number of SA, or Sturmabteilung — the brown-shirted Nazi goon squad. Don’t get cocky and start thinking that SS trainees are the only foes you’ll face. There’s bound to be some high-ranking Nazi officers there to train them. Along those lines, intelligence reports that the second-in-command of the SS — Hans Grosse — may be visiting the fortress. If you should encounter him, use utmost caution in engaging. He is a very dangerous little maniac indeed.

The fortress will be heavily guarded. Himmler’s SS are extremely dangerous enemies indeed. They may be accompanied by viscious guard dogs and their SA buddies, sometimes all at once — be cautious when entering unfamiliar rooms and passageways. Do not assume secret areas are safe havens. The Nazis are tricky and they may hide where you least expect them: next to doors, in hidden rooms, and in niches in the walls. The castle is old and its architecture is filled with such opportunities for your foes, who, unlike you, know the layout of the castle. Essentially, they have the upper hand in both manpower and knowledge of the battlefield. But you, B.J., have the upper hand in brains, cunning, and killer instinctiveness. Which, I admit, would be an insult to anyone else, but….we all know you, Blazkowicz.

One last note: you may find various opportunities to “bug out”, as they say in the air force — in essence, to escape the castle and return home. You may seize these opportunities if you choose, or, if your curiosity gets the better of you, you can stay to search for alternate elevator shafts to further areas of the fortress.

Good luck, B.J. The Nazis don’t know that we know about their secret training operation, and we’d like you to keep it that way until they’re all lying dead.

EPISODE TWO: Lethal Infestation

In this episode, you are sent to investigate one of the Nazi’s primary troop lodging bunkers. Your primary mission goal is not to destroy all the Nazis there; that’s only your secondary objective. Your primary objective is to discover what kind of evil creatures have been dismembering the guards stationed there. The Allies have overheard Nazi reports that some kind of uncontrollable infestation is taking place at Castle Eisenschwert, set high atop a German mountain. The strangest of the intercepted reports center around suspicion that a Nazi doctor named Schabbs has turned traitorous and is somehow behind this whole mess. We have no further information on that subject.

To prepare you for your mission, we have arranged this briefing for you. There is an underground sewer that will allow you to enter the castle’s cellars unnoticed by the guards patrolling the area. The first level will take place in the sewer system, and the second and third levels you will have to work your way through are the basement floors of the castle. From there, you’ll have to cover the miscellaneous barracks, cafeteria, storage areas, and other floors that make up the ancient castle. We currently have no data at all on the eighth or ninth floors, except to say that the ninth floor is most likely not used; it is a small floor that was added onto the top of the castle after its completion. As soon as you secure the castle and stop the infestation, get out of there as fast as you can and head home.

Once again, your main mission goal is to find out who or what is killing off the Nazi guards on station in this castle. Not that we want to help the Nazis; we want to eliminate the possibility of them harnessing the destructive forces you’ll be seeking and using them against the Allies. Good luck, B.J.!

EPISODE THREE: Hitler’s Hideout

As the German troops in Russia are pushed further and further back and the Allies make one strategic strike after another, it has finally become clear to Adolf Hitler that the Third Reich has but a little time left. Unable to accept failure, Hitler, driven insane, retreats to the lower levels of his underground bunker in Berlin, surrounding himself with hundreds of Nazi soldiers. From there he continues to use increasingly desperate tactics to wage the second World War.

Only recently, the Allies intercepted coded information as to the whereabouts of Hitler’s titanic bunker. Having cracked the code, we’ve decided to send in one man to attempt what even Hitler’s own generals could not do: eliminate the Führer. Captain Blazkowicz, we’ve selected you from the list of our best soldiers for the job; your last few espionage missions were entirely successful, and if anyone can complete this seemingly impossible task, we think it’s you.

Hitler’s bunker is quite possibly the most heavily guarded structure in the world right now. If you’re going to make it in and out of there alive, you’ll have to keep your wits about you, and your firearm in hand at all times! You’ll be entering the bunker from the disguised ground-level entrance, and proceeding down through the lower levels. This is going to be a tough mission, Blazkowicz. Fight hard out there.


EPISODE FOUR: Subterranean Terror

Corporal Blazkowicz, you’ve been called here today because we believe you’re the best man for our latest espionage mission. Intelligence reports that they have found the location of Otto Giftmacher’s headquarters. Otto is the designer of the Nazis’ new chemical warfare unit. He and his “creations” pose a large threat to the rest of the outside world. It’s imperitave that you infiltrate his headquarters and take him out before he can put his diabolical weapons into action.

However, Giftmacher isn’t the only one behind the chemical warfare unit. There are two other Nazis who are crucial to the implementation of these latest plans: Gretel Grosse and General Fettgesicht. Once you eliminate Otto Giftmacher, look around and see if you can discover where his other two cohorts are basing their operations. Get back to us with the details. Good luck!

EPISODE FIVE: Bite the Bullet

Having discovered the whereabouts of Gretel Grosse, overseer of the plant that manufactures the bomb casings for Giftmacher’s chemical weapons, you (B.J. Blazkowicz) head for the office complex adjacent to the plant, where Gretel has her main base of operations. If you can take her out and bring the manufacture of the weapon casings to a grinding halt, the Allies will be but one step away from putting down the Nazis’ chemical weapons plot — and that step is the elimination of the supreme commander, General Fettgesicht!

EPISODE SIX: The Command Bunker

With Gretel Grosse dead, the General realizes his plans are all but foiled. Outfitting his impregnable command bunker with a heavy-duty assortment of crack troops and Himmler’s SS, the General plans to prepare the prototype chemical weapons he keeps in his bunker and launch them against Allied Forces. It is imperative that you, B.J., get in there and liquidate the madman before he wreaks one helluva messy brand of havoc on the population of earth.

This will be your most difficult mission to date, Blazkowicz. You’ll be facing more than a thousand Nazi troops, all fighting for their beliefs in your very face! If you can survive the insane amounts of guard in the bunker, you still have to take on General Fettgesicht, who has armed himself with a chaingun and a Rocket Propelled Grenade launcher especially for your visit! Grit your teeth and slam that pistol clip home — you’re in for the fight of your life!

Your Enemies

If you are familiar with Wolfenstein 3D, you’ll have no problem recognizing most of the opposition. However, two of the enemies have been substantially changed in graphic appearance. They are the SS soldiers and boss Otto Giftmacher. The SS soldiers now wear the traditional black uniforms with eagle-and-swastika caps. Old Otto, meanwhile, has been promoted to the position of SS-Obergruppenführer; he’s wearing a cyan-colored uniform which has been adorned with many decorations. He’s still packing a missile launcher, so steer clear of him!

Your Weapons: An Inside Look

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Equipment List

Other Wolfenstein Stuff by B.J. Rowan

The Renovation

These were the first 60 Wolfenstein episodes I ever designed, dating back to January of 1994. They were part of a compilation known as Wolfmaster. This compilation, which was organized by Carlton Griffin, was a package containing well over 800 additional levels for Wolfenstein 3-D. It was sold by Apogee Software, along with other utilities, as the “Wolfenstein Super Upgrades Pack”. Game C of Wolfmaster is The Renovation, containing 60 all new levels by this author. Nowadays they are also available on my website, as more of my contribution to history than anything else, since they really aren’t that great by my current standards. Still, I got a lot of great comments about them back in the day!

Coming Soon: Project Totengraeber

Want more Wolfenstein? B.J. is at it again, in over 45 more pulse-pounding Wolfenstein levels, this time with brand new EXE file and a standalone game installation, totally independent of the original game files. Project Totengraeber is part of a whole new breed of Wolfenstein add-ons, featuring continuous level flow, two additional keys, changed music and ceiling colors, new graphics and sound effects, and five secret levels hidden somewhere for you to find — no longer hard-coded onto particular floors! And as always, designer Brian Rowan realizes that a great engine does not a great game make — and so Project Totengraeber’s new executable is backed up by the same kind of professionally-designed levels as his last set — each intensely atmospheric and immersive For you absolute Wolf addicts, this third map set by “B.J. Rowan” is his greatest Wolf design accomplishment yet. Includes new wall tiles! A “preview” version of this mapset, including the first few levels of episodes 1 and 2, is available on my website.

Enjoy the Game!